Synapses are located in our central nervous system where nerve cells connect with each other. “Sin-aps” aims at making connections in our research which bring Chinese studies closer to the world of numbers.

Since the 1st of February 2021 Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard is holder of the Chair for Sinology with a Focus on the Intellectual and Cultural History of China (Alexander von Humboldt-Professor) and Director of the IKGF (International Consortium for Research in the Humanities “Fate, Freedom and Prognostication”). Her research interests lie at the intersection of the mathematical sciences and sinology, both in history and in present times. Generously supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation her team conducts research on quantification in China (and its global repercussions), the epistemological aspects of algorithmic mathematics and their cultural transformations, as well as numerical techniques of prediction.