Conference in Paris dedicated to Eberhard Knobloch (November 5-6, 2023)

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Eberhard Knobloch’s work is a pillar in the history of mathematics as it is practised today. The richness of his contributions attests to the many fruitful collaborations he was able to establish during his career, within a scientific community of which he is undoubtedly a driving force.

For his eightieth birthday, his colleagues, collaborators, former doctoral students and friends would like to celebrate with him and give a lecture in his honour. Their presentations will reflect Eberhard Knobloch’s considerable work, devoted to combinatorics, analysis and the astronomical sciences practised in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and will give a prominent place to Leibnizian studies, of which Knobloch is a leading figure. The speakers will also be celebrating Eberhard Knobloch’s important editorial contribution, particularly for the works of Leibniz, but not only.

In honour of the important place given by Eberhard Knobloch to the French language, in which he himself published, and the strong links he built with the community of historians and philosophers of science in France, the conference will be held in Paris on 6 and 7 November 2023. The languages of the conference will therefore be German, English and French. Prof. Andrea Bréard will give a talk entitled « uomo uomo uomo » Grammaire chinoise et grammaire d’algèbre.

For a detailed program, see here.